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What side of the road do people in the Bahamas drive on?

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Driving in the Bahamas can be exciting!While in the Bahamas, or any other part of the Caribbean, you may encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in your home land. For that reason we are adding this section concerning driving in the Bahamas that is being provided for reference only, be sure to check all local laws prior to renting a car or driving in any new area.

Vehicles in the Bahamas drive on the left side of the roadway. The country roads can often be narrow, winding, and in need of repair. Drivers should be alert for frequent construction areas throughout the road system in the Bahamas. The roads in both Nassau and Freeport were found to be more then adequate, although traffic congestion was like that found in most busy cities throughout the islands.

Travelers should exercise appropriate caution when renting cars, mopeds, motorbikes or bicycles. Those who choose to ride a moped, motorcycle or bicycle should always wear a helmet and drive defensively.

Pedestrians need to remember that traffic comes at you from the right. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it was found to be confusing at first. Many tourists have been hit by cars after failing to check properly for oncoming traffic in a location with traffic flowing in the opposite direction that they are use to.

For specific information concerning driver's permits, vehicle inspection, road tax, and mandatory insurance in the Bahamas, please contact the Bahamas Tourist Board in New York at: 1-800-823-3136.

Driving in the Bahamas.

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